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Dear Sirs!

Here is "Trio Viktors" family - clowns from Moscow. Natalia, Victor and Victor-junior Rotchins. 5-6 reprise+acrobatik comic number "Victor-senior and Victor-junior", reprise with 2 poodles-dogs. Many years play in European circus: "Merano"(N), "Arena"(DK), "Skratt"(S), "Viva"(CH) and others. If you have interested we can send a videotape. If you need recomendacion, you will ask about us in our Agency "Lee Pee Ville" (Germany). We have car+caravan.

Our address:

Natalia Rotchina, ul. Prohodchikov 4-141, Moscow 129347, Russia.

Tel.: +7 (095) 188-1993

E-mail: triovict@mtu-net.ru

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